Part 9/19/29: Love – Devotion – Surrender

June 19 / 20 / 21, 2021

We are inviting you to join our 3 Day Oneness-Meditations – always on Sat/Sun/Monday, and for at least 30 min. per day, meditating and focusing on a different spiritual quality each day. Either of your own choice, or using our suggestions. This can include reading texts, reciting or memorizing poems and singing songs related to the daily quality. (We try to count the number of total participants and countries – so if you are a new participant, please let us know!) It will go on for 3 cycles – 90 days. This is part 29, cycle 3.

Comment by Savyasachi:
„… Anticipating the new qualities for meditation – and for the 2-mile run on Sunday … hope everyone is joining – meditations and → runs!
Thank you for creating these weekly opportunities to focus on these qualities – of great importance – that add so much to our daily lives.“

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LOVE – Sat, June 19, 2021

Love: human and divine (excerpt)
Divine Love is a flowering of delight and self-giving. Human love is the gambol of sufferings and limitations.
Love is a bird. When we encage it, we call it human love. When we allow love to fly in the all-pervading Consciousness, we call it Divine Love. …

Ordinary human love with its fears, accusations, misunderstandings, jealousies and quarrels is a fire clouding its own brightness by a pall of smoke. The same human love, arising from the meeting of two souls, is a pure and radiant flame. Instead of smoke, it emits the rays of self-surrender, sacrifice, selflessness, joy and fulfilment….

The heart that loves God
Is the heart that radiates light
Both in Heaven and on earth.

TALK / VIDEO:  Sri Chinmoy talks about Love, Devotion, Surrender


With love I discover God.
With devotion I feed God.
With surrender I fulfil God.

 Love, devotion and surrender

Love purifies.
Devotion intensifies.
Surrender beautifies.

Love is action. Devotion is practice. Surrender is experience.

Love is realisation. Devotion is revelation. Surrender is manifestation.

Love is the meaning of life. Devotion is the secret of life. Surrender is the Goal of life.

In my love, I see God the Mother. In my devotion, I see God the Father. In my surrender, I see God the Mother and God the Father together in one body.

Love without devotion is absurdity. Devotion without surrender is futility.

Love with devotion was my journey’s start. Devotion with surrender is my journey’s close.

I love the Supreme because I came from Him. I devote myself to the Supreme because I wish to go back to Him. I surrender myself to the Supreme because He lives in me and I in Him.

“My Lord, what is the difference between human love and divine love?”

“My child, the difference between human love and divine love is very simple:
Human love desperately needs.
Divine love abundantly feeds.”

Love: human and divine (excerpt)
Divine Love is a flowering of delight and self-giving. Human love is the gambol of sufferings and limitations.
Love is a bird. When we encage it, we call it human love. When we allow love to fly in the all-pervading Consciousness, we call it Divine Love. ..


If love means to possess someone or something, then that is not real love, not pure love. If love means to give oneself, to become one with everything and with humanity, then that is real love. Real love is total oneness with the object loved and with the Possessor of love. Who is the Possessor of love? God. Without love, we cannot become one with God. Love is the inner bond, the inner connection, the inner link between man and God. We must always approach God through love. The first step is love; the second step is devotion; the third step is surrender. First let us love God; then we have to devote ourselves to Him alone; third we have to be at His Feet and fulfil ourselves. So if we go throughout our journey with absolute love, we can never fail to reach God or fulfil Him in our own lives and in humanity. Love is the secret key to open the Door of God.


Do you want love?
You can feel love.
Feel that when we expect love in return, we miss the complete joy of love. You can try not to expect.
Lo. You feel love.
Lo. You give love.


Love shelters my heart;
Therefore, I am safe.

Love is a yearning of the One for the One.

  • Sri Chinmoy, [Words of Sri Aurobindo from “Savitri”, Book 1, Canto 3]

Every time you love unconditionally…

DEVOTION – Sun, June 20, 2021

When you love
With devotion,
You are divinely great.

When you surrender
With devotion,
You are divinely good.

When you pray
With devotion,
You are supremely great.

When you meditate
With devotion,
You are supremely good.

Devotion, devotion, devotion.


While I fly on Goddevotionwings,
Gods VictorySong my soul sings.

Sweet is devotion, pure is devotion, sure is devotion.
Cry, cry, cry, cry day in, day out, for illumination.

Infinite devotion within,
Infinite power without.

TEXT (excerpt):

Devotion: Devotion is our soul’s fearless quality. Devotion does not mean begging from someone. Devotion means dedicated service to the divine child in us. It means intensity, the intensity that makes us feel one and not the intensity that separates and frustrates us. Devotion means entering into the superior part of one’s own existence. Devotion is the sweetest feeling in us, the feeling of oneness with something higher and deeper in us. It is the most intimate connection with our better self, purer self, higher, nobler and deeper self. It is the sweetest awareness of Truth. …


Devotion is the sweetest thing in our lives. It is the magnet that draws all the divine qualities. But false devotion is useless. Do not destroy the muscle-power of your palms by sitting with folded hands if there is no devotion inside your heart! …

SURRENDER – Mon, June 21, 2021

Love is fruitful in surrender.
Surrender is fruitful in oneness.
Surrender is Divinitys VisionSoul.
Oneness is humanitys PerfectionGoal.

Surrender means immediate progress. Surrender means spontaneous joy. Surrender means matchless wisdom of the aspiring soul. Surrender means the perfection of human aspiration. Man’s unreserved surrender means God’s unconditional acceptance.


Individuality hates surrender. Surrender illumines individuality. Individuality is self-will. Self-will is self-love. Surrender is God-Will. God-Will is God-Love.

Surrender clings to God with all the might of the soul.
Surrender clings to God with all the love of the heart.
Surrender clings to God with all the will of the mind.
Surrender clings to God with all the dynamic energy of the vital.
Surrender clings to God with all the snow-white emotions of the body.


When our surrender is complete,
We will be able to breathe in and out
Gods Golden Breath.

Today You have given me
The message of surrender.
I have offered to You my very flower-heart.
In the dark night with tears,
In the unknown prison-cell of illusion,
In the house of the finite,
No longer shall I abide.
I know You are mine.
I have known this, Mother,
O Queen of the Eternal.

Every day I need.

Without the beauty of surrender,
One cannot see the Feet of the Absolute Supreme.

I cherish only one strength,
My cheerful surrender
To God’s Will.


God wants us to surrender1

The Prevention Marathon course was very difficult. Some of the hills were 800 metres long. What can you do? You surrender. God wants us to surrender in every way. Just philosophising won’t do. Surrender has to be practised.

QUESTION: How can we surrender to the Supreme?

Sri Chinmoy: It is very easy to surrender. You have already surrendered to ignorance. You can’t say that you have not surrendered to anybody. So you know the art of surrender. You can surrender to the Supreme in the same way that you have surrendered to ignorance. Now you have only to change your master. At every moment you have to feel the need of a new teacher. The new teacher is the Supreme, so try to learn from Him. Somebody has taught you everything wrong; now there is Somebody waiting for you who will teach you everything correctly. The one who has taught you is not the real teacher, but you have surrendered to him for hundreds and thousands of years. Now the same surrender you will have to make to the Supreme, to the new teacher.

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