Part 21: Peace – Light – Love

The idea: to meditate on these qualities or include them in your meditation for at least 30 min.  per day

If you participate, please let us know – we are counting the numbers of people and countries!
🙂 Happy meditating! 🙂

Set 21: Sat. – Mon  – April 24/25/26

PEACE -Sat., April 24, 2021

Real outer joy
Depends on
Inner peace.

Every morning my heart sends
Peace and bliss-flowers
To the whole world.


Only the peace-dreamers,
Peace-lovers and peace-servers
Can transform the world.

O dreamers of peace, come.
Let us walk together.
O lovers of peace, come,
Let us run together.
O servers of peace, come.
Let us grow together.

Question: Is it painful for you to meet people who systematically try to disturb your inner peace?

Sri Chinmoy: Fortunately or unfortunately, nobody can disturb my inner peace, because I come from a state where I am dealing with infinite peace. My inner being is inundated with inner peace, so I cannot be disturbed.        –

My inner peace
Does not select anybody,
Does not reject anybody.
My inner peace
Always self-givingly projects itself.

LIGHT – Sun, April 25, 2021

Every day
I get a new opportunity
To see a new light
In my heart-sky.

Darkness fights light.
Light illumines darkness.

Light is everywhere. Light is even in darkest darkness. But we need Infinity’s Light to transform the darkest darkness of ignorance-night.

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SONG: Eka bingsha shatabdi

Twenty-first Century,
Twenty-first Century,
Twenty-first Century!
You will utterly destroy the darkness-wall
Of ignorance-night.
The delicate softness-touch of your new light
Shall awaken the slumbering world.
Your Infinity’s immortal Satisfaction
Heaven and earth shall together treasure and enjoy.

Alor sathe, alo haye / Aloi chali mishe / Bahur buke dodul dule / Berai dasha dishe

With the Light divine,
One I have become.
I have perfectly blended
In the Light divine.
All-where in the heart of the many
I swim and sport
With boundless joy.

Eso ananda alokananda / Khudhita hridaya majhe

O Infinity’s Light,
Eternity’s Delight-Light,
Do descend into my hungry heart’s
Endless hunger.

O Light divine, do kindle the flame
Of wisdom-light inside my heart.
The doubting mind covers my existence.
All around me, the world-laughter of disbelief!
O Light divine, do kindle the flame
Of wisdom-light inside my heart.

Alo alo alo / Antare mor gyaner dipan jwalo / Charidike andhar kare ase / Abishwasi atrahasi hase / Alo alo alo Antare mor gyaner dipan jwalo.

Question: When you say, „Peace, Light and Bliss,“ what do you mean by Light? I keep trying to get a definition of Light and nobody is able to tell me.

Sri Chinmoy: Light is the power of the Supreme that illumines and transforms ignorance. Light is the capacity of the Supreme that transforms darkness into illumination-light. Anything that transforms our existence is Light. Light, you can say, is the life-breath of the Supreme. Each colour of light has a special meaning. Blue Light is Infinity, vastness; white Light is purity. Green Light is freshness, life-energy, new life. Like that, each colour has a significance.  –

Light does not work
Against darkness.
Light works for the transformation
Of darkness.

LOVE – Mon, April 27, 2021

When God’s God-deep Love-Light-Fragrance appears,
To the Golden Shore his dream-life-boat man steers.

  • Sri Chinmoy,

Peace proclaims:
Love is essential.

Love proclaims:
Peace is invaluable.

God proclaims:
Love within, peace without,
Are essential.

Because I love mankind, God loves me. Because I love God, Truth loves me. Because I love Truth, I really and truly love myself.

In Heaven, peace has another name: light.
On earth, peace has another name: love.

Our vital loves to be loved. Our heart loves so that it can also be loved. Our soul just loves devotedly and eternally.

SONG: Premaloker

In the garden of Love-Light,
In silence-dream,
O Beauty Eternal!
This heart of mine is in
Your embrace.

Only three things I love:
The child-dance of the morning sky.
The hero-dance of the mid-day sky.
The yogi-trance of the evening sky.

Love is a yearning of the One for the One.

Man loves the winner,
But God loves the lover
Of experience-light.

TEXT (excerpt):  My love of light

My love of light is my spiritual will. Within it is the power infinite. I give fear no place in my life. My love of light is God’s Smile of satisfaction. God’s supreme Love manifests in me and through me to transform my human problems into my divine opportunities. …
Love radiates the life of harmony, brightens the joy-consciousness and sharpens the sword of intuition. Love is always ready to meet man’s every soulful demand. Love conquers all that is unlike God. It is, indeed, supreme over all. …

Only a sleeplessly
God-loving heart
Is indomitable and invincible.

A song without words is by far the best.
A life without doubt is by far the best.
A soul with a goal-sun is by far the best.
A goal with a love-moon is by far the best.

O sun of my soul,
I devotedly love your duty.
O moon of my heart,
I soulfully love your beauty.
O star of my life,
I surprisingly love your purity.
O sky of my search,
I love your generosity.

Six Gifts of Love

My love divine
Has given me six things:
A disciplined body,
A dynamic vital,
An awakened mind,
A liberated heart,
An all-loving soul
An unquestionably real God.