Part 7/17/27: Patience – Kindness – Acceptance

Sat – Mon., 5./6./7. June 2021

We are inviting you to join our 3 Day Oneness-Meditations Dec. to June  2020-2021 – always on Sat/Sun/Monday, and for at least 30 min. per day, meditating and focusing on a different spiritual quality each day. Either of your own choice, or using our suggestions. This can include reading texts, reciting or memorizing poems and singing songs related to the daily quality.

Comment by Savyasachi in January:
„Today I am feeling very PATIENT … and tomorrow I will be all KINDNESS…and ready for Monday when I will be full of  ACCEPTANCE … ready for the rest of the week. Anticipating the new qualities for meditation on next Friday … and for the 2-mile run on Sunday … hope everyone is joining … meditations and → runs!
Thank you for creating these weekly opportunities to focus on these qualities … of great importance … that add so much to our daily lives.“

Link to the Sri Chinmoy 5 Mile Grand Prix May-July 2021

PATIENCE – Sat., June 5th, 2021

Patience, patience, patience.
What you need is patience.
In the heart of your patience you will discover peace-blooms and satisfaction-blossoms.

I need two things
To gladden my heart:
The beauty of tolerance
And the fragrance of patience.

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, patience is always necessary. But we have to know the difference between patience and tolerance. Sometimes we think that surrendered tolerance is patience, but this is wrong. We have tolerance only because we feel that there is no other way for us, but this tolerance is not patience at all. No, real patience has to be utilised in the form of wisdom. Real patience is oneness. Real patience will wait for Eternity while the individual progresses. But if it is only tolerance that is trying to take the role of patience, then there will be no real satisfaction.
Patience is the best
Patience is the highest
Patience is the greatest

Patience believes in
Humanity’s transformation.
Patience believes in
Divinity’s Satisfaction.

Patience from my heart
Will challenge
Tomorrow’s impatience-mind
And conquer it.

To succeed in life, devotion is necessary and patience is necessary. Devotion has to be spontaneous. Patience has to be sleepless. There is no other way to succeed in life.

Greatness and devotedness perfectly rhyme. Patience is nothing short of strength; devotion is Eternity’s Length. Both devotion and patience are of supreme importance. Devotion wants to run fast, faster, fastest. Patience says to devotion, “You run the fastest. I shall conquer all obstacles on the way for you.” To quote Einstein: “If one gets hold of something that will not let go its hold on him — in short, if one has the devotion for a great work — what more is necessary? Patience! Then a little more patience.”


Patience is at once God and man’s
Sacred victory-secret.

My Lord, give me patience-sea,
Give me.

Life-river flows,
Patience-tree grows.

My sweet Lord,
Don’t withdraw,
If You want me to live.
Stay with me.
Satisfaction grows
On patience-tree.

Patience is a tree that grows within us and produces not one fruit, but four fruits: wisdom, joy, peace and victory. Patience requires energy as well as the co-operation of the body, the vital and the mind. Without patience, the mind works automatically, like a machine. It moves by compulsion, not by choice. It is restless; it darts here and there. The body may be inert, but the mind is constantly roaming. There can be no peace without patience.

Patience is not inertia. Inertia is a negative and destructive way of approaching the Truth. It is stagnant, and that which is stagnant eventually leads to destruction. But patience is dynamic; it always goes forward toward the goal. Patience has the steady movement of growth and is always accompanied by peace. This peace can never be mistaken for inertia which is always accompanied by restlessness.

„What you need, what I need, what others need, is one thing: soulful patience.“
„NAC: From the point of view of a lot of people, the world is a very cruel and negative place and their consciousness is not in a position to absorb the negativity. What can you say, or what service can we perform („we“ in the largest sense of the word) to help with that situation?
Sri Chinmoy: I fully agree with you. What we should do is to cultivate more soulful patience. Right now the world is far from perfection. It is an almost half-animal world that we are living in.  We are constantly …..
… But the seed takes time to germinate and gradually become a plant and then a tree. If we have the vision of our patience, then one day we will see that truth will manifest and grow into Reality. So what the entire world needs is soulful patience. Then the truth can grow in its own way.“ – Excerpt from

What is patience? It is a divine virtue. Unfortunately not only are we badly wanting in this divine virtue, but we also neglect it most foolishly.
What is patience? It is an inner assurance of God’s unreserved love and unconditional guidance. Patience is God’s power hidden in us to weather the teeming storms of life. ..
Excerpt from: Sri Chinmoy,

KINDNESS – Sun., June 6th, 2021

Yesterday I discovered kindness in myself. Today I see how beautiful and soulful I am.
Yesterday I discovered kindness in humanity. Today I see how meaningful and fruitful humanity is.

The very nature of kindness
Is to spread.
If you are kind to others,
Today they will be kind to you,
And tomorrow to somebody else.


Kindness, kindness, kindness, kindness!
You are my oneness-fulness-journey’s start.

Question: Why does loving kindness lead us towards God?
Sri Chinmoy: Kindness, loving kindness, is a divine aspect of God. Kindness comes from God’s Compassion. When God’s Compassion operates in a sincere seeker, that sincere seeker runs towards God. Compassion is like a magnet. Here on earth we call a particular thing kindness or sympathy, but in the inner world we see that this very thing comes directly from God’s Compassion, from the highest realm of Consciousness. So when God’s Consciousness and God’s Compassion reign supreme in an individual soul, then he is bound to run towards God, the destined Goal. –


Once upon a time, two disciples of a spiritual Master had a very unfortunate experience. One disciple was not doing well, and the other one was trying so hard to encourage and inspire him. There is perhaps something called being overly kind. One disciple was very, very kind and wanted to help the other one and do the work of the other one. Alas, the second disciple, instead of taking the help of the first one, rejected his help and did something absolutely wrong from the spiritual point of view….

ACCEPTANCE – Mon., June 7th, 2021

Reject not!
Accept and transform.
You will prosper.

Accept your own inner divinity first.
Then it will be extremely easy
For you to accept the divinity
Of others.


Do the best you can cheerfully.
Accept the worst calmly.
Lo, you have touched God’s Feet triumphantly.

Acceptance can freely
Go everywhere;
Rejection, nowhere.



In the spiritual life, acceptance of reality is of paramount importance — not rejection but acceptance. We have to accept the world, we have to accept our life, we have to accept all our weaknesses and shortcomings to transform them and illumine them so that we may become perfect instruments of God. If there is no acceptance, we cannot perfect ourselves and fulfil the divinity within us.

My Lord Supreme,
„Give me, give me, give me“:
This is a very old song.
Long, long ago, I taught that song
To myself,
And I have been singing that song
But now I want to learn a new song:
„Accept me, accept me, accept me.“
This song is Yours.
Do teach me, most perfectly, my new song:
„Accept me, my Lord, accept me!“

Peace of mind never comes
By not accepting
The world.

Accept the outer world in peace.
The inner world will give you
Not only God, but also
His infinite Satisfaction-Delight.

Photos: Bijoy Imhof