Part 26 – Faith – Protection – Grace

Sat/Sun/Mon, May 29./30./31., 2021 – FAITH – PROTECTION – GRACE

Meditating on the daily quality for (at least) 30 min. per day

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Comment: Thank you for the inspiration! I had never consciously meditated on hope before. I am daily surrounded by people full of fear and anxieties, especially now, and I was not aware how much this affected my heart, until I meditated on hope and felt the positive effect in my heart. It is like Sri Chinmoy writes: „We have to know that hope is something very solid, very strong.“ ( The Jewels Of Happiness, p. 61)”

FAITH – Sat, March20, 2021

Question: How important is faith? (excerpt)

Sri Chinmoy: Ultimately it is God who protects, liberates and illumines a seeker. If the seeker has no faith, then he cannot proceed. If he does not have faith, that means he has something else: doubt. Either one has faith or one has doubt. There is no middle ground….
… If we have faith in ourselves and in God, constantly our life-tree is blossoming. He who has faith feels God’s presence inside himself and inside others. Faith is our constant inner growth. If there is no faith, there is no growth. If there is no growth, how are we going to reach the Highest? So faith is of paramount importance in the spiritual life.

Faith is the eye that sees the future manifestation of the Divine on earth.
Faith lives in the domain of the soul. This domain is a far cry from that of the intellect.
Faith is no wishful imagination. It is the soul’s pre-vision.
Faith spontaneously feels God, senses that God’s protection and His guidance are indivisible. Belief thinks „Maybe. I am not quite sure.“
Faith says, „All obstacles, inner or outer, can be surmounted.“ Belief says, „Not so easy.“
The real strength of faith can be neither measured nor experienced ….

Faith is wisdom.
Faith is power.
Faith is heart-fragrance.
Faith is the sun-child
Of the Beyond.

– Sri Chinmoy,


When your life becomes a faith-boat,
The Peace-God will come to pilot you
To the all-illumining Golden Shore.

My doubt is my mind-slavery,
My faith is my heart-bravery.

God wants the heart to write
In the New Millennium
An infinite number of self-faith,
World-faith and God-faith-books.

Self-doubt and God-doubt
Have hindered humanity’s aspiration
For a very, very long time.
In the New Millennium
Self-doubt and God-doubt will be replaced
By self-surrender and God-faith.

PROTECTION – Sun, March 21, 2021

There was a time
When my obscurity was my protection.

There was a time
When my aloofness was my protection.

But now
My heart of love is my protection.
My life of service is my protection.

Our implicit faith in God
Is the all-protection-umbrella
Against our life’s adversities.

My concentration-life shows me
God’s Protection-Fence.
My meditation-life actually sees
God’s Protection-Fence around me
Protecting me.

I race not to see God’s Perfection-Face,
But to sit at God’s Protection-Feet.

Affection, love, sweetness, fondness
God has for me.
Every day I live and grow
Under His Protection-Tree.

Under Your Compassion-Protection,
My Lord, I live.

QUESTION:  How can I feel God’s Protection all the time?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to pray for God’s Protection. You cannot pray for twenty-four hours, but daily four or five times you can consciously pray for God’s Protection….

GRACE – Mon, March 22, 2019

Question: Could you speak on Grace?1 (excerpt):

Sri Chinmoy: God has various kinds of Power, but His most powerful Power is His Grace. The moment He uses His Grace for a seeker, He offers His very Life-Breath to the seeker….  –

Self-effort is necessary.
God’s Grace is indispensable.

The law of karma is one thing
And the divine Grace is another.
Grace can nullify,
Grace can illumine,
Grace can expedite,
Grace can multiply —
Of course,
If you believe in Grace!

My Lord Supreme, do grant me the vision to see Your endless Grace inside my small efforts, and to see inside Your Grace the smile-dance of my liberation.

Grace-Lamp: kripanka  –

All Your Grace,
All Your Grace, all Your Grace,
All Your Grace, all Your Grace,
My Lord Beloved Supreme!
All Your Grace, all Your Grace,
My soul and I are able to join
In Your birthless and deathless Race.

Doubt binds us.
Faith finds us.
Grace liberates us.

Lord, can faith be increased
By personal effort?
“Yes, faith can be increased
By personal effort
One knows the real meaning
Of personal effort.”
What is personal effort?
“Personal effort is nothing but
Unseen and unrecognised Grace.”
What is the other Grace,
I mean normal Grace?
“That Grace is called
Universal shower.”

Do not stay on the surface.
Dive deep within to be blessed by God’s Grace.

Everything is God’s Grace1

Seventy-five years ago in India there lived a great spiritual Master with about fifty disciples. Their ashram was situated at the edge of a forest, not far from the small village where the Master had spent his childhood. …

… „You call me friend,“ said the man, „but I consider you my older brother, my mentor. I just happened to be passing through this forest on my way to another village. I have not been there for many years and I have totally forgotten the way. I suppose you could say it was by God’s Grace that I stumbled upon your ashram.“

„Indeed,“ said the Master, „without God’s Grace, we cannot budge an inch.“ …

Already you are cutting jokes with me,“ said his friend. „As a matter of fact, I walked almost from one village to another without God’s Grace. Only when I discovered your ashram could I say that His Grace began operating. Anyway, I am so happy to see you again.“

The Master said, „I am so grateful that you have come. I have always felt that you were extremely spiritual. But I am serious, you know, when I say that without God’s Grace nothing can happen and with God’s Grace everything can happen.“

„All right,“ said his friend, „let us see. Can you give me a gun?“

„A gun?“ asked the Master. „What for?“


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