Juggling, Circus and more – April – August 2021

90 Day Challenge until August 2021

In view of  Sri Chinmoy’s 90th birthday in August, the idea came up of a 90 day club, where people do invidivual things for 90 days (+ 9 days „grace period“ to catch up if you missed a day). Like some daily things (writing „Supreme“ 90x or 9 min., doing 9 sun salutations, 90 pushups per day etc.) or some one time challenges (like biking 900 km etc.). So far people do it individually, not organised. April 13th would be a nice day to start of course, but there is plenty of time still.

→ back to2020: VIRTUAL APRIL CELEBRATION inspiration and joyful activities 2020 (password-protected)!

You know the password: it starts with S . . . . . . (all CAPITAL LETTERS!)

Circus and Juggling Inspiration (maybe training for August?)

and 25th anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s „Rainbow-Dreamers“ this year!

Sri Chinmoy loved physical and „childhood“ challenges including juggling –  here at Madal Circus. He even wrote a juggling song during his Rainbow-Dreamer challenges in 1996

(25th Rainbow-Dreamer anniversary this year!!!! https://www.srichinmoysongs.com/our-rainbow-dreamers-sky, June 3rd, 1996)

I am begging you to remain young, young, young. Only the young in spirit will realise God.

LEARNING HOW TO JUGGLE – in 3 easy steps (including trouble-shooting):


Note: you do not need a pogo-stick – and you can try with pairs of socks!

Benefits of Juggling

If you are inspired to practice some juggling (also in view of August), here some of the benefits, apart from the joy of joining in one of Sri Chinmoy’s favourite Circus activities:

  1.  Juggling is stimulating and calming at the same time
  2. Boosts brain development by accelerating the growth of neural connections related to memory, focus, movement, and vision – helpful as we grow older 🙂
  3. Builds hand-eye coordination in ways that improve reaction time, reflexes, spatial awareness, strategic thinking, and concentration.
  4. Gets you moving enough to increase your oxygen intake.
  5. Teaches a growth mindset. You learn from mistakes, noticing how effort and increasing experience bring you ever greater mastery.
  6. Juggling is ridiculously fun.

More details:

Send us your funniest, most creative or spectacular juggling photo (solo, duo, group, with costumes ….)!
(But pls. don’t do anything dangerous 🙂 )

Photos above right and bottom: Ashrita Furman, → holder of the most Guinness World Records

First Participants April 2020, from Seattle: Jamini, Nandita, Ravipriya, Rupasi

Dražen from Zagreb, Croatia, juggling 1kg weight balls 524 times! 1st place so far! 🙂
April 28: improved to 1023x!

(But not only the numbers count – also creativity and fun!)

Juggling, juggling, juggling, I am juggling
To make my heart once more happiness-king.