Part 23: Gratitude – Oneness – Joy

Sat/Sun/Mon, 8./9./10. May 2021

Gratitude – Oneness – Joy

Meditating on the daily quality for (at least) 30 min. per day

🙂 Happy meditating 🙂

Gratitude – Sat., May 8,2021

Songs on Gratitude:

I want to see every day
A gratitude-sun in my heart.

My gratitude-heart
Is precisely the place
Where angels dwell.


Sri Chinmoy: To feel gratitude means to become a flower in every part of your being — body, vital, mind and heart. Everything in your being will exist as a single, fully blossomed flower with all its petals completely open…

Oneness – Sunday, May 9, 2021

God only believes in constant oneness,
Cheerful oneness,
Self-giving oneness-establishment
From us.

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!
My God-oneness-life entirely depends
On my heart’s God-devotion-tears.


My gratitude-heart
Always knows
The way.
My oneness-perfection
Always is
The way.

Oneness-bravery means
Freedom from self-slavery.

A purity-heart
Is always a champion
Of universal oneness-delight.

Boundless sky,
Immortal liberation-life I love.
Therefore, in all ages,
In all human beings
My oneness-soul smiles.

Talk (excerpt):

Oneness has to become fulness. Oneness has to become complete and perfect, and that perfection comes only from expansion, expansion, expansion. The imagination of the mind will try to get joy by saying, “I am one with the whole world.” But the mind’s oneness is all theoretical….

Joy – Monday, May 10, 2021


Against the power of the inner joy,
The loudest drum is nothing but a tiny toy.

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!
My joy knows no bounds
To see Your golden Chariot
On my world-oneness-heart-path.
My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!

For joy and not for sorrow earth was made.

Inside power
There can be destruction.
But inside soulfulness
There is only inner joy.


Joy is the inner light that illumines my darkest night.

When I am in joy, God feeds me. And I feed God only when I share my joy with others.

When I have inner joy, I will always be blessed with an abundance of spontaneity and creativity.

When I look up with joy, I will have God as my employer.

When I look around with joy, I will have God as my supervisor.

When I look forward with joy, I will have God as my paymaster.

Joy is my dynamic oneness with the Supreme. Since my soul is integrally one with the Supreme, there is no challenge too great for me. Absolutely none.

My joy is my established faith in the Supreme. Unlike others who do not have faith in the Supreme, I do not think and feel that I am always wrong, meaningless and useless. To be sure, those who are wanting in faith are the victims of frustration. To them, life is a barren desert, God is a colossal daydream, death is a roaring lion right in front of them.

Before my heart’s joy calls upon God, His omnipotent Grace will answer. It is a true truth.

To try to explain joy is to fail always, because it is dubious. To try to taste joy is to succeed always, because it is obvious.

Joy is the peace embodied. Joy is the power revealed. The embodied peace is the masculine aspect of the Divine. The revealed power is the feminine aspect of the Divine.

My heart’s joy fathoms the deepest. My mind’s joy reaches the farthest. My soul’s joy achieves the highest.

Photo Credits : Bijoy Imhof