Part 24: Purity- Humility – Compassion

15./16./17. May2021

30 min. daily

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PURITY – Sat, May 15, 2021

Smile inside your heart.
You will see the face of purity.
Smile with your heart.
You will see the soul of purity.
Smile with your soul.
You will meet with purity’s all-illumining sister: divinity.


A purity-heart
Is always a champion
Of universal oneness-delight.

Ein reines Herz
ist immer ein Champion
universeller Einsseins-Wonne.

Who is awakening my heart today?

The Power of Purity
Purity is the light of our soul expressing its divinity through the body, the vital and the mind…

HUMILITY – Sun, May 16, 2021


Humility is the capacity
That expands.
Humility is the capacity
That dives deep within.
Humility is the capacity
That flies high, higher, highest.

Humility, humility, humility!
My receptivity’s multiplicity.


Is the expansion of one’s real reality
In a sweet, illumining and fulfilling way.
Is not the helpless surrender
To something or someone else.
Is not a frightened child.
Is real receptivity in us.
If we receive with devoted humility,
Then immediately our receptivity-vessel increases.
Is the secret of secrets
For self-expansion,
For world-inspiration
For world-transformation.

Only humility knows
How to appreciate and admire
The good qualities of others.


May my life become
The fragrance
Of my humility-heart.


Humility and compassion. What I have is humility, and what God has is Compassion. Humility is my soulful gift to my Lord Supreme. Compassion is my Lord’s fruitful gift to me….

COMPASSION (KRIPA) – Mon, May 17, 2021

TEXT: Compassion – the life-changing miracle-power

The animal in us has no compassion. Even the human in us has no compassion. We use the word compassion, but it is nothing other than attachment. Only the divine in us has compassion, and this compassion is for the human in us and the animal in us. Our compassion is the life-changing miracle-power in us. With our divine compassion, we can raise the standard of humanity far beyond our imagination.

No matter how deliberately
We keep ourselves away
From God’s Compassion,
God’s Compassion-Sea will never dry.

My evening descends,
And I love God
Not for His Eternity,
Not for His Infinity,
Not for His Immortality,
But for His Compassion-Eyes,
For His Compassion-Smiles
And for His Compassion-Tears.

God’s Compassion is there
For the entire world.
Every day He blesses us
With His Compassion.
But again, every day
We cast aside His Compassion
And try to live our lives
In our own ignorant way.



Amit tomar lagiya
… On my way there is no obstruction,
Only the flood of Your Compassion. …

I implore Your Compassion:

Sleepless compassion
Keeps me alive.

Kripa Kare (Japanese Scale Bhajan):

God’s Compassion-Eye
Makes me a millionaire.
My happiness-heart
Makes God a multi-millionaire.

Photo Credits : Bijoy Imhof