Part 22: Aspiration – Transformation – Divine Victory

May 1/2/3, 2021

Meditating on the daily quality for (at least) 30 min. per day

🙂 Happy meditating 🙂

ASPIRATION – Sat., May 1, 2021

Aspiration itself
A divine victory.

As long as your heart remains
An ever-mounting aspiration-flame,
It makes no difference
What your weaknesses are.

TALK: Aspiration: The inner flame (excerpt)

… Desire wants to bind and devour the world. Aspiration wishes to free and feed the world. Desire is the outgoing energy. Aspiration is the inflowing light….

Question: You are always talking about serving God in others. How can I develop more of the feeling of being with God when I am with people?
Sri Chinmoy: Your aspiration is your flame, your inner flame, illumination-flame. If you are sincerely aspiring, then you do not see anything but God inside everyone. Even if somebody or something is darkness incarnate, if you come with your illumination-flame, your light will chase the darkness away. Here, light is aspiration. If you are aspiring, you are carrying an inner flame. That inner flame illumines darkness; then you see light everywhere. When you see light and not darkness, then you have to know that this light itself is God. What else is God but constant illumination? If you carry light inside you, no matter whom you talk to, each time you talk you enter into the other person with your aspiring consciousness. If you carry your own aspiration-sea, illumination-sea, you won’t see darkness; you will see only your own light, your own illumination. –

Question: What is the relationship between inner happiness and aspiration?
Sri Chinmoy: There is no difference between inner happiness and aspiration. They are one. Aspiration is the flame and happiness is the light of the flame.

Awaken my heart.

Basana khudha eshana sudha / Tomar paye rakhbo aji rakhbo
My desire-hunger, my aspiration-nectar, / At Your Feet today I shall place.

An aspiration-heart is bound to melt eventually
In God-Eternity’s Nectar-Sea.

My Aspiration-Temple, my aspiration,
The bloom and the blossom of my God-realisation.

QUESTION + ANSWER (excerpt):

… When we aspire, we stop the functioning of the mind. It is from here, from the heart. When we think, for one minute we will think a good thought, cherish it, and then the next moment, we will think an ordinary uncomely, or undivine thought. But when we do it from here, from the heart, we don’t think at all; we just go into the reality through inspiration. We discover that there is a burning flame within us. The burning flame helps us to become divine and spiritual. So when we kindle the flame of aspiration, we transform ignorance into light. The higher the flame of aspiration goes, the farther the light spreads. You go up, up, up and you see it spreading its light all around. It is a conscious awareness of one’s inner Divinity within us. It is here; in the heart.

TRANSFORMATION – Sun, May 2, 2021

Transformation does not mean
Transformation means

QUESTION: During meditation, can one enter into the level of unconscious thought?
Sri Chinmoy: One can enter into the level of unconsciousness, but it should be done with a view of transforming the unconsciousness into consciousness. While meditating, the very aim of the person is to climb to the Highest….
… So with our divine qualities, our love for God, our feeling of universal oneness, our real concern for mankind, we have to enter into our undivine qualities that we cherish: fear, doubt, worry and so on. We have to transform fear into strength, doubt into certainty, jealousy into sympathy, separation into universal brotherhood and oneness. That is why we enter into the lower parts: to transform them.

My life’s transformation-road
Is unmistakably
Under divine construction.
– Sri Chinmoy

For world-transformation
Is God-satisfaction.
– Sri Chinmoy


Only the peace-dreamers,
Peace-lovers and peace-servers
Can transform the world.

Sakaler prane tomare heriya basiya tomare bhalo
Haye jete chai mane prane dehe rupantarita alo.


Seeing Your Life in every heart
And loving You in every aspiring heart,
I wish to become totally one —
Body, mind and vital —
Singing the song of transformation-light.


DIVINE VICTORY Mon, May 3, 2021

In the New Millennium
May God the Creator
Be victorious
In the life of God the creation.

Prayer: Victory to my Supreme

Only oneness-song
Will grant us
Supreme victory.
Again, in divine victory
There will always be
A oneness-song.


To sing Your Victory-Song,
Into the world I came.

An aspiring man
Is God’s constant victory.

Amar ashru nire / … I sing your Victory-Song:

In the battlefield of life
We blow the Victory-Horn
Of our Lord Supreme.
In our heart-sky
We fly the Victory-Banner
Of our Father Supreme.

TEXT : The New Millennium and world peace (excerpt)

… Tomorrow’s humanity and tomorrow’s Divinity will not only have infinitely more faith in each other, but also will work together for humanity to arrive at the Heart-Door of the Absolute Supreme and for Divinity to ring its Victory-Bell in the readiness, willingness and eagerness-home of humanity.”

Dive deep within.
You will see a lion
In its own lion-poise.
The day is fast approaching
When this lion will roar and roar,
Announcing the Victory
Of your Lord Supreme.

Photo Credits : Bijoy Imhof
und Pixabay