3 Day Oneness-Meditations

Cycle 3: Set 21-30
24./25./26. April – 26./27./28. June 2021

PLEASE KEEP UPDATING YOUR PARTICIPATION AND TIMES → HERE or send us an mms! (Sorry, we are a bit behind 🙂 )
(Savyasachi was encouraging us to ask for names and times – he is not the only one who loves getting inspiration from your names!)

Since people really like this global oneness-project, we are continuing these sets of qualities for 2 more cycles till the end ofJune – and anybody is invited to join at anytime, for anytime – minimum for one 3 day-set! And pls. let us know – so we can add up the numbers!

How to solve world problems.
We can solve world problems by our heart’s prayer and by our life’s meditation.
Prayer is our conscious invocation of God’s all-illumining Compassion from above.
Meditation is our conscious manifestation of God’s illumination on earth.

Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, 18716

→ Set 21: Peace – Light – Love
24./25./26. April 2021

→ Set 22: Aspiration –  Transformation – Divine Victory
1./2./3. May 2021

Set 23:  Gratitude – Oneness – Joy
8./9./10. May 2021

→ Set 24: Purity – Humility – Compassion
15./16./17. May 2021

→ Set 25:  Newness – Hope – Promise
22./23./24. May 2021

→ Set 26: Faith – Protection – Grace
29./30./31. May 2021

→ Set 27: Patience – Kindness – Acceptance
5./6./7. June 2021

→ Set 28:  Intensity – Courage – Progress
12. /13./14. June 2021

→ Set 29:  Love – Devotion – Surrender
19./20./21. June 2021

→ Set 30:  Enthusiasm – Cheerfulness – Delight
26./27./28. June 2021

– End of  3 cycles! –

G – R – A – T – I – T – U – D – E

TRANSCENDENCE:  To make it 90 days – in honour of Sri Chinmoy’s 90th birthday this year  – we invite you to continue or join for altogether 3 cycles (of 10 sets of 3 days) of these 30 qualities! (feel free to continue to finish your own 90 days!)

Comment by Savyasachi re putting your names and times on the global list:

„Additional inspiration by seeing who else is participating!“

„Fascinating and inspiring to see how enthusiastic our brothers and sisters are to be active part of the Oneness Meditation and qualities!
You have mentioned the total number of participants and number of countries. I am guessing everyone likes to be/feel part of a global inspiring project… that inspires themselves as well as serves and inspires others.
I like to scroll thru the excel list in dropbox and see the names and countries. I suppose not everyone is familiar with how to use either dropbox or excel sheets.
However I wonder if there is a chance to encourage disciples to enter their times? All voluntary of course yet perhaps additional inspiration is offered when you see who else is participating.“

When we enter into your heart,
By virtue of our prayers and meditations,
We hear a solemn message
That the God-lovers and God-servers
Shall, before long, create a new world
Where all human follies
Will be transformed
Into divine confidence, courage, light
And delight.