Part 5 / 15 – Newness, Hope, Promise

2./3./4. January, 2021 – Newness – Hope – Promise

Im Dezember/Januar 2020/2021 laden wir ein, jeweils über 3 Tage – Samstag – Sonntag – Montag – sich täglich für mind. 30 Minuten auf eine bestimmte spirituelle Eigenschaft zu konzentrieren bzw. darauf zu meditieren – oder auch Texte dazu zu lesen oder Lieder zu singen. Entweder mit unseren Vorschlägen, oder gerne auch mit selbstgewählten Qualitäten und Eigenschaften.

We are inviting you to join our 3 Day Oneness-Meditations for Dec./Jan. 2020-2021 – always on Sat/Sun/Monday, and for at least 30 min. per day, meditating and focusing on a different spiritual quality each day. Either of your own choice, or using our suggestions. This can include reading texts, reciting or memorizing poems and singing songs related to the daily quality.

NEWNESS – Sat, Jan. 2nd

Q: … from the spiritual point of view does the New Year have any special significance?
A: …. On the eve of the New Year, a new consciousness dawns on earth. God once again inspires each human being, each creature with new Hope, new Light, Peace and Bliss. God always wants us to move farther, farthest; He does not want us to look back. …
Each New Year is like a rung on the ladder of consciousness; we have to climb up the ladder of consciousness and each New Year serves the purpose of a rung in the ladder…

Shall mark the 21st Century.

The newness
Of the 21st Century
Will be skyrocketing.

If you want to feel newness
In the new year,
You have to get that very newness
From the new year itself.
The new year has all newness:
New promise,
New success,
New progress.


In the New Year, a new dawn Is beckoning me.

New year comes; old year goes,
Hope-promise-river flows…

O New Year,
At the end of twelve months
You come and stand before me.
For me, you are a divine guest.
You come to me with Love divine.
I call you my own.
The moment you appear before me
In you I feel my ever-growing newness
And ever-fulfilling oneness.

Newness is of supreme importance. Every time we invoke newness, newness gives us hope. Newness gives us promise. Again, newness brings us the message of fulness….
Every day, think of yourself as a new flower….      – Sri Chinmoy,

QUESTION: How can I increase my awareness of the opportunities presented to me?
Sri Chinmoy: You can increase your awareness of the opportunities presented to you, provided you feel that each opportunity is an achievement of a new dawn, a new realisation and a new perfection.

HOPE  – Sun, Jan. 3rd

„We have to know that hope ist something very solid, very strong.“ – Sri Chinmoy, Jewels of Happiness

Do not destroy
The sweet fragrance of hope.
It will give you
The Heaven-climbing rope.

Every day comes to you
As a new hope, new promise,
New aspiration, new energy,
New thrill and new delight.

Our happiness-moon smiles sweetly,
Charmingly and soulfully
When our hope-kite flies
In the skies of divinity’s heights.

If you can have a new hope,
God will give you a new heart.
If you can have a new heart,
God will give you a new oneness.
If you can have a new oneness,
God will give you a new satisfaction.

SONG: Asha nadi boye jai

Hope-river flows, hope-river flows.
In the lap of the unknown
Is the river of smile.
At every moment I cry and weep with hope;
Again, it is I who dance with my Lord In the swing of delight.


… Newness always carries hope. Newness always carries promise. What we need in life is hope and promise, hope and promise. Newness always carries the message of hope, the message of promise and the message of fulfilment, divine fulfilment.  – Sri Chinmoy,


… As long as God keeps this Creation, this earth planet, He will never give up hope, never give up hope. …  – Sri Chinmoy,

PROMISE  – Mon, Jan. 4th

Every day,
May my heart be
A new rainbow-promise
New God-manifestation-promise
To God.

Hope-light grows
From promise-power.
Fulfilment-delight glows
In promise-power.

TEXT: Humanity’s Promise
Humanity’s promise to humanity is a life of service. Humanity’s promise to divinity is a life of oneness. Humanity’s promise to God is a life of perfection. But this perfection is preceded and followed by service and oneness. Oneness has to be found in perfection and service has to be found in oneness. So we can safely say that humanity’s promise to God is a life of service, oneness and perfection….
– Sri Chinmoy,


Twenty First Century, the New Millennium!
No more the old sorrows and joys-compendium.
God’s Heart, God’s Eye, a new hope and a new promise!
O run and dive and fly — Bliss, Infinity’s Bliss!
The world shall cheer the road with a God-surrender-song.
Creator’s Silence-Hearts, creation’s sound-lives throng.

Photo Credits : Bijoy Imhof