Part 25 – Newness, Hope, Promise

Sat/Sun/Mon, May 22/23/24, 2021 – Newness – Hope – Promise

Meditating on the daily quality for (at least) 30 min. per day

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Comment: Thank you for the inspiration! I had never consciously meditated on hope before. I am daily surrounded by people full of fear and anxieties, especially now, and I was not aware how much this affected my heart, until I meditated on hope and felt the positive effect in my heart. It is like Sri Chinmoy writes: „We have to know that hope is something very solid, very strong.“ ( The Jewels Of Happiness, p. 61)”

NEWNESS – Sat, May 22, 2021

Question: What is God’s favourite season?

Sri Chinmoy: God’s favourite season is spring, when new hope, new life and new creation dawn. What God always wants from Himself is transcendence. This He can do only when He exercises new hope, new life and new creation constantly.

Every day
God Himself is blossoming
Inside our seeker-hearts
With new hope, new inspiration,
New aspiration, new love
And new promise.

Shall mark the 21st Century.

The newness
Of the 21st Century
Will be skyrocketing.


A new life has just begun.
I am my hope-flooded sun.

My new inner name

Nutan ushai jegeche paran nutan ushai
Sabar majhare heribo prabhure oishi ashai

My heart is awakened at the arrival of a new dawn.
A Heavenly hope tells me that I shall see
My Lord Supreme in all human beings.

In the New Year, a new dawn Is beckoning me.

Newness is of supreme importance. Every time we invoke newness, newness gives us hope. Newness gives us promise. Again, newness brings us the message of fulness….
Every day, think of yourself as a new flower….      – Sri Chinmoy,

QUESTION: How can I increase my awareness of the opportunities presented to me?
Sri Chinmoy: You can increase your awareness of the opportunities presented to you, provided you feel that each opportunity is an achievement of a new dawn, a new realisation and a new perfection.

If you can have a new hope,
God will give you a new heart.
If you can have a new heart,
God will give you a new oneness.
If you can have a new oneness,
God will give you a new satisfaction.

HOPE  – Sun, May 23, 2021

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!
You are now blessing me
With a rainbow-joy-dawn-hope,
And I am offering You
My sleepless and selfless
For the manifestation
Of Your infinite Light
In the heart of humanity.
My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!

„We have to know that hope ist something very solid, very strong.“ – Sri Chinmoy, Jewels of Happiness

My Supreme, My Supreme, My Supreme!
May my heart always live
In the rainbow-beauty
Of glowing hopes.
My Supreme, My Supreme, My Supreme.

If you are born
In the sea of hope,
You can fly
In the sky of promise.


My tiny heart-hope-seed
Embodies God’s Perfection
And God’s Satisfaction Supreme.

Asha nadi boye jai

Hope-river flows, hope-river flows.
In the lap of the unknown
Is the river of smile.
At every moment I cry and weep with hope;
Again, it is I who dance with my Lord In the swing of delight.

I shall never, never, abandon
My hope-heart-child.


… Newness always carries hope. Newness always carries promise. What we need in life is hope and promise, hope and promise. Newness always carries the message of hope, the message of promise and the message of fulfilment, divine fulfilment.  – Sri Chinmoy,


… As long as God keeps this Creation, this earth planet, He will never give up hope, never give up hope. …  – Sri Chinmoy,

PROMISE  – Mon, May 24, 2021

A seeker’s heart
Is a rainbow-hope
And a seeker’s life
Is a sun-vast promise.

Twenty First Century, the New Millennium!
No more the old sorrows and joys-compendium.
God’s Heart, God’s Eye, a new hope and a new promise!
O run and dive and fly — Bliss, Infinity’s Bliss!
The world shall cheer the road with a God-surrender-song.
Creator’s Silence-Hearts, creation’s sound-lives throng.

Hope-light grows
From promise-power.
Fulfilment-delight glows
In promise-power.

Each human being has to be reminded
Of his solemn promise to God,
And that promise is to cultivate
A world-silence-peace-garden.

TEXT: Humanity’s Promise
Humanity’s promise to humanity is a life of service. Humanity’s promise to divinity is a life of oneness. Humanity’s promise to God is a life of perfection. But this perfection is preceded and followed by service and oneness. Oneness has to be found in perfection and service has to be found in oneness. So we can safely say that humanity’s promise to God is a life of service, oneness and perfection…. – Sri Chinmoy,

Video: Our Philosophy is Hope – inside Hope looms large Promise


Promise shortens the way.

God’s Heart is
God’s Promise.
Ishwara antara
Ishwarer pratigya

Photo Credits : Bijoy Imhof